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Hiring Process Overview

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - Just posted a video on the ten steps we take to hire a new technician. Or almost anyone, really.Ten steps might seem like a lot, but it's not. After all, you need to ...1. Define the Job2. Post the ad and collect resumes3. Sort resumes and find good candidates4. Hold a quick one-minute interview5. Have an interview by the owner/manager6. Have an interview by one or more technicians7. Take the can

Inside a Next-generation RMM

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions are the foundation upon which successful MSP businesses are built. But all too often MSPs struggle with their RMMs, and devote a full-time admin just to run the darn thing. Complexity is just one thing holding back optimum exploitation of RMM solutions. Other drawbacks of some RMM tools are […]

MSPs & NOC Services: How to Get 24×7 Coverage without Hiring More Staff

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - The largest MSPs can offer 24×7 service and support. They have their own Network Operations Center (NOC) or already get such a service on an outsourced basis. Not all are so lucky. Some smaller MSPs can only handle trouble tickets and other duties during work hours. That’s bad enough for a local client in the […]

Y$10K - Don't Panic!

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - Reminder: I've set up a page to index the Y$10K blog articles. You can find it at$10K/. Articles are listed in the order written, so you can start at the top and work your way down if you want to catch up. - - - - -I hope you've got at least a little money in the stock market by now. See my "Quick Primer on Investing" blog post. If you haven't started