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5 Recent Mac Vulnerabilities Partners Should Know About

mspradar on CRN Managed-services News

While Mac remains the more secure operating system as a whole, it is not immune from threats. Here are five recent vulnerabilities partners should know about to stay ahead of the curve.

451 Research Finds Cloud Is Not A Commodity

mspradar on Business Solutions News - 451 Research recently announced its latest Cloud Price Index (CPI) report, which analyzes the global availability of cloud services, unearths regional gaps in service delivery and identifies saturated markets.

ASI Announces Partnerships With Two Leading Payment Processors To Enable EMV-Certified Payment Transactions

mspradar on Business Solutions News - Action Systems, Inc. (ASI), a POS software developer, recently has announced a strategic relationship with Vantiv Integrated Payments and Payment Logistics, both providers of payment technology.

VMware Exec: Container Technology Isn't Threatening To Us, It's Actually An Opportunity

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VMware is taking the high road and not responding to HPE CEO Meg Whitman's trash talk about containers, and one of its executives says the fast-growing technology is actually an opportunity.

Repair a Dead Machine Remotely – Without Driving Onsite

mspradar on Kaseya Blog - IT Automation - IT techs – whether working at MSPs or in internal IT Ops groups – have long faced a miserable task:  physically visiting PCs and other devices that are dead by hard drive failure. In these cases, you must pack up your kit, head out to the site and see what can be done.  Depending on […]

CSC CEO Lawrie On The Opportunity, Advantages And Finacial Impact Of The HPE Enterprise Services Merger

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Mike Lawrie answers the biggest questions following the announcement of a merger between CSC and HPE's Enterprise Services division.

Q&A: NetApp CEO Kurian Explains Strategic Tech Shift, Discusses Cisco Relations As Dell, EMC Combine

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NetApp CEO George Kurian offered a look at how important SolidFire is to NetApp and discussed the continuing strong relationship his company has with Cisco.

Channel Beat: HP Inc. Earnings Beat Wall Street Expectations In Difficult Market

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In other top stories this week, Verizon warns it will see negative impact in its earnings due to its ongoing employee strike. Also, Microsoft lets go 1,850 mobile division employees.

Partners: EMC Rebate Changes Mask Back-End Cuts, Emphasize Unity And All-Flash Products, In Run-Up To Dell Merger

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The rejiggered rebate program will offer a 1- to 2-percent rebate bump to emphasize the stars of EMC's new-school portfolio.