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IBM Pushes SoftLayer Cloud Incentives Program

mspradar on Channelnomics - IBM is providing partners with new incentives, profitability enhancements and support for its SoftLayer cloud computing services. The program enhancements come as IBM earnings take a hit as sales of legacy profits suffer and cloud sales climb at a sluggish pace.

Security and Cloud Computing at SMB Crossroads

mspradar on Channelnomics - Cloud computing may be the marquee player in IT services, but when it comes to giving business leaders the cold sweats, security still steals the show, at least among the cloud’s newest arrivals.

Symantec Unveils ‘Do It All’ Marketing Campaign

mspradar on Channelnomics - Amid the turmoil of a CEO search, falling sales and increasing investor pressure, Symantec is launching a new branding campaign amid at raising awareness among IT managers that its portfolio of products can “Do It All,” from security to data protection to systems management.

How to Stand Up After Working on a Computer

mspradar on Small Biz Thoughts by Karl Palachuk - div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"Here's a quick but simple formula that can save you a lot of tech support /br /What happens when you leave a client's office and the printers don't print?br /What happens when you leave a client's office and the Internet goes down?br /What happens when you leave a client's office and the email doesn't work?br /What happens when you l